How to Plan an Unforgettable Birthday at a Gentlemen’s Club

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Birthday’s only come once a year, and they are a big deal. When it’s your mate’s big day, it’s time to celebrate. Whether you’re looking for 21st birthday ideas or 40th birthday ideas, finding the right way to celebrate is a must. A night out with the guys may be just what your friend needs to kick back, relax, and enjoy his birthday.

But what if you’re tired of just hanging out with the guys? You’re looking for unique birthday party ideas for adults, someplace special to spend the night out. Look no further than Dollhouse Gentlemen’s Club in Sydney. Your mate is sure to love a night out with strippers dancing nearby, fantastic music and great food. Strip clubs are an ideal place to throw a birthday bash for your buddy.

When you’re organising a birthday bash at an adult club, there are a few things to take a look at before the big day arrives. Here are a few things you may want to consider while planning the ideal night out at a strip club.

Scope Out the Location of the Gentlemen’s Club

Look at the club’s website to see where it is located. Look for an adult club in a safe neighbourhood with a well-lit parking lot. The club should be concerned about its patrons’ safety, and should not be hiding its location. Dollhouse Gentlemen’s Club is located in a business district, with nearby restaurants, cafes, hotels, and a veterinary hospital.

Look for a location that can give you a complete birthday experience. Do they have a birthday package? Or a private back rooms for an exotic lap dance? Look for a location that will cater to what you have in mind for the birthday party.

When organising a birthday party for your buddy, it’s best to consider a professional establishment. This makes everyone comfortable and provides a safe experience for all involved. Keep this in mind while scoping out a venue for the party.

People Attending Your Strip Club Party

Keep in mind the personalities and the number of people who are attending your party. When choosing a venue like Dollhouse Gentlemen’s Club, be sure your crowd is up for a night of fun. If you’re planning on having a large number of people, book in advance and ask your crowd, minus the birthday boy, to chip in to host the party. By booking early, you’ll give the club an opportunity to prepare for your arrival, meaning you won’t have a wait at the door when you could be inside having fun.

Check into the Entertainment in Advance

Strip clubs offer, well, strippers. But there is so much more than that once you look into the venue. Did you know that Dollhouse Gentlemen’s Club offers Boat Parties, allowing you to take the party to a yacht instead of staying inside the club? They also have Birthday Strippers, just for the birthday boy. Little add-ons like this can make the birthday that much more special during the course of the evening.

Look into the food and drinks. Are you buying a drink package in advance? Look to see what is offered by the venue. Make sure the strip club you choose has entertainment that matches your wants and desires. Then let the club work their magic.

Learn the Rules of the Adult Club

Take a few minutes to get you and your party familiar with the rules of the venue. These rules are here to keep everyone, including you, safe during a night of fun. They protect the dancers, and they keep your party in the clear. Make sure your party knows these rules will need to be followed, and you can be sure you’ll have a night you won’t soon forget.

A strip club birthday party can be just what the doctor ordered to relax away the stress from a tough day at work. Take time to explore your options and determine exactly what you want from the party. The birthday boy will have a memorable and safe evening. Book your birthday party with Dollhouse Gentlemen’s Club today.

What Is and Isn’t Allowed in a Gentlemen’s Club

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Rules & Regs

Basic Gentlemen’s Lounge Etiquette

Everyone enjoys a night out on the town, and if you don’t visit us often, you may be unaware that there are a few rules that need to be followed, for both the safety of our dancers and for you. Adult clubs are meant for fun and entertainment, and as long as that is where it stays, we all have a good time. Cross our line, and you may find yourself escorted out the door.

Thou shall be a decent human being. Treat the ladies like they are your friends. Don’t do something you wouldn’t want to be done to your friend.

Thou shall not touch. Always follow the no touching rule. Do not, ever, touch the strippers. They are professional dancers, not your toys to play with.

Thou shall not take photos or videos while in the club. You are paying these nice ladies to entertain you for the evening. Your friends at home and the rest of the world on YouTube are not. These ladies do not want images of them posted without their consent, just like you wouldn’t want it done.

Thou can tip the dancers. If you like what you see, help them pay their bills. By all means, please feel free to tip the women at the gentlemen’s lounge.

Thou shall have fun. This is an adult club. Fun is required. Just keep it within the limits of being a decent human being (rule #1).

Thou can ask for a private show. If you’re looking for a private show, just ask. We’ll escort you to a room for a show. Just remember, we keep an eye on our ladies in here as well.

We don’t have many rules here, but we ask that you follow the ones that we do have. Our ladies are important to use, and we take care of them. By being a decent human being, you don’t have to get worried about being permanently banned from our club.
Now, enjoy the show!

11 Steps to Planning the Perfect Bucks Party in Sydney 

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When your buddy gets married, all of his best mates need to get in on the celebration. If the lucky groom has been a really great friend, you want to go all out for him and plan the perfect bucks night. If not, just take him to an all you can eat buffet and call it a night.

Assuming he is deserving — an of course he is! — a great bachelor party should bring together everything great about the single life he is about to leave, and mash it together into a few hours of unforgettable fun. That needs to include great food, great friends, and Dollhouse Gentleman’s Club, Sydney’s best adult club.

So let’s get started. Here are your eleven steps to planning the perfect Sydney bucks party.

Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute

In the case of a bucks night, “last minute” means waiting until the week before the party to start planning. This is a bad idea. Planning a great bachelor party requires an effort that lies somewhere between that of a family vacation and the Normandy landings. There are many details and considerations you must nail down to ensure a smooth and fun night, so get started early!

Figure Out What You Are Allowed to Do

First things first: What will the groom allow you to do?  Much of this relates back to what the bride will cheerfully permit. The rest lies with the comfort level of the groom himself. 

In all seriousness, do not follow the reality television model and put together an event that will cause him serious problems or hassle. Do not intentionally do something that disrespects the bride either. No one wants the marriage to start off on the wrong foot.

To get the bride on board, be completely honest about your plans. Many brides will surprise you with what they will permit so long as they know the entire game plan, including where the party will be and when it concludes. Most will insist on being able to stay in contact via text the whole time. This represents a very reasonable concession in the name of good fun. 

Decide Where You Are Going and What You Are Doing

Lay out the plan for the entire night, including where to eat, what activities to enjoy, and which adult club at which you will cap off the night.  On a bucks night, you should aspire to the right combination of class and decadence. 

First, consider alternatives to the ‘standard’ restaurant experience. See if the groom’s favourite eatery has a private room to rent. You could also hire out a catering service to provide dinner at a home, rented house, or hotel room.

Your party does not want to feel constrained by normal restaurant etiquette. They want to talk loudly, laugh often, and wander around the room. 

Next, schedule events wisely. Stick to the essentials of what the groom will appreciate. Consider his favourite activities. Does he like live music? Would he enjoy going to a professional sports event? Think about what he enjoys and see if it fits in the agenda for the evening. Make sure to not overdo it, however. Rushing to a large number of activities and events could exhaust everyone prematurely.

Timing is everything. Make sure that you allow enough time for the events and travel between them. Depending on the potential for traffic, include 15 to 30 minutes of buffer time in addition to the expected time it takes to get to each stop.  

Consider engaging a limousine service that offers a bus option so that the party can get to each event safely. 

Finish the night at a classy and fun gentleman’s club where the groom and the entire party can cap off their bucks night in style. Cut rate adult club entertainment will not do. In this realm, Dollhouse Gentleman’s Club sets the standard. 

Create the Guest List 

This situation requires almost as much tact and diplomacy as the wedding and reception invitation list. Careful consideration must go into this list and cuts from the bucks night squad must be decisive, and occasionally brutal.. Think of leaving the following people at home:

  • Friends who may have objection to any of the evening’s festivities
  • Older individuals who lack the stamina
  • Individuals whose personalities turn negative when they drink
  • Acquaintances that the groom tolerates, but does not actually like. 

Also, make sure to limit the number of guests to a reasonable and manageable amount. A bachelor’s party of 50 will overwhelm everyone, including the groom.

You may also want to consider a two tiered party where you plan “safe” events for larger numbers of people in the afternoon or early in the evening who likely have no interest in the nightlife, but still want to celebrate with the groom. A smaller and more select group can go out to the bars, adult clubs and other events later.

Figure Out Where the Group Will Stay

Bachelor party nights go more smoothly when the group starts and ends the night in the same place. This works out well if one of the party can accommodate everyone at their house, but that is rarely the case in reality. 

Consider renting a vacation style house. This serves as a great option because the assembled group can meet and eat there, then stay there comfortably at the end of the evening’s festivities. Most importantly, it allows the group to stay together and enjoy the camaraderie of the groom’s last big night as a bachelor.

Reach Out to Guests and Get RSVPs

This also requires a bit of diplomacy and tact. If Sir Richard Branson or Bill Gates hosted the bucks night, no one would likely need to worry about the cost. Few of us have this kind of bank account, however. The invitation should include specific details about the night and estimates of how much each event will cost the guest. Certain expenses, such as limousine service and alcohol, may require the invited guests to each contribute a percentage.

Those invited should cheerfully understand the need to share expenses. Anyone who objects may have been a poor choice to invite in the first place.

Once you have RSVPs in hand, then you can finish planning the bucks night. You will know how many people that each event and also the travel plans need to accommodate.

Cap the Night Off At a Premium Gentleman’s Club

If the soon-to-be bride cheerfully agrees, make sure to end the night at a great adult club.

Do not skimp on the gentleman’s club part of the night. The groom wants an experience that combines class, style, and fun all in the same location. He wants a comfortable and even elegant atmosphere with the best on food and beverage options. Your party may even enjoy a chance at having a unique and exotic experience. It’s rare, for example, to find an adult club like Dollhouse, which offers nayotaimori, also known as “body sushi,” in Sydney.

Most importantly, the groom and the party guests want to enjoy a top quality exotic dancing experience. You want to see gorgeous girls from around the globe who enjoy fun engagement with guests and take pride in providing great performances. 

Dollhouse Gentleman’s Club definitely should rank highest on your list of places to go on your bucks night plans. 

Another Great Bucks Party Option 

If you prefer to go the easy route and keep it simple, Dollhouse Gentleman’s Club can help to create an amazing bachelor party experience during warm weather. Imagine a bachelor party on the water in Sydney Harbour, soaking up the warm sun, enjoying ocean breezes, eating amazing food, and experiencing the company of some of the most beautiful adult performers and models in Sydney.

Dollhouse Gentleman’s Club offers bachelor party cruises on their own chartered yacht. The groom and other guests can enjoy hours on the water, pampered by club staff and lovely performers. Few things come close to making these kinds of special memories in a safe environment.

Make Sure He Gets to the Main Event On Time the Next Day

If the bucks night takes place the day before the wedding, extend your planning to include the next morning. At this point you have one responsibility, making sure the groom gets to where he needs to be on time, preferably early.

Place the same emphasis on morning-after planning as the bachelor party night. Make sure he and anyone else in the wedding party wake up on time. Get them fed, dressed, and out the door early. That way if unforeseen events like traffic accidents occur, they will not make you late. Have a transportation plan B in place in case of car problems. Bear all this in mind, and consider organising the event some time before the big day if you think this might be too much trouble. 

Keep in constant text communication with the bridal party so that they have no worries about the groom and wedding party’s progress. 

Remember that the bachelor party is for the groom’s enjoyment, including the making of fun and treasured memories. This should be a night that everyone remembers fondly for years to come. 

If his good time, then and afterwards, remains the top priority, you will have assembled a tremendously successful bucks night. Pat yourself on the back, you deserve.

dancing strippers in sydney

the best strip clubs in sydney

By | Dollhouse

“Hi There! Firstly id like to introduce myself i’m Jessie (my dancers name).

I decided to write this blog hopefully to help all girls coming from the UK or USA or anywhere over seas i guess to have a personal insight of my first hand experience on working as a stripper in Australia. I hope this helps on any decision making you may have and is informative and most of all positive.

I came to Australia just over 1 year ago from the UK (where i have been dancing for 2 years in London and before that in America) and arrived in Melbourne which in south of Sydney because that’s where i bought my ticket to (totally random), after staying in Melbourne for 2 months, working and trialing most of the clubs there which were juts not for me reason being; I was just a number, there was not personalisation, there was literally 50+ girls working a night (how can you compete with that), a lot of regular customers that all the regular girls new which made it very hard to even sit down near them, you had to pay $200+ a night out of your own pocket to work at the clubs (that’s a lot of faith put into clubs in which you don’t know if your going to make a dime from), (for anyone reading this I literally trialed every club in Melbourne and they all had similar rules), all the girls were the same, a lot of local Australian girls most of them just sitting on the couches playing on their phones, clubs were very very quiet….. list goes on. I randomly decided to skip Sydney as a dancer friend of mine told me about a club she working in previously in Queensland (OMG what a mistake).
P.s. i don’t want to mention any of the clubs as its just not necessary!

So after staying not long in Queensland i made my way to Sydney, Alone. I didn’t know anyone, i had no where to live, but of course its Sydney its been my dream destination to live for forever! As soon as i got to Sydney all everyone was talking about was Dollhouse! Dollhouse!! Dollhouse!!! I could even remember girls talking about it in Melbourne and in Queensland, but i knew it was hard to get into because all id heard about is the quality of the girls and how beautiful they were. So i emailed them and i got a response straight away to come in for an interview at the club to meet the mangers and owners which i bought was very professional! and i have to admit from that moment forward my life has been changed or everything i thought i knew about strip clubs was changed!!!

Theses are the reasons why i think Dollhouse is Australia’s best strip club… after working here 8 Months!
Dollhouse Strip club doesn’t charge a house free. Tick!!!
I’m making more money than i have ever made in my life ever as a dancer! Tick!!
The customer at Dollhouse are so nice and respectful. Tick!!
You have the same rostered shifts weekly so you know when your working and have guaranteed shifts. Tick!!
There’s a certain amount of dancers set for each night!! Tick!!
Management and club owners are just so beautiful they treat everyone like family and take such good care of us! Tick!!
AND THE MOST AMAZING PART OF IT, I live in the Dollhouse Apartment with the other girls FOR FREEEEE!!!! I get free accommodation in a brand new renovated apartment 10 seconds walk from the club, with kitchen, lounge room, outdoor terrace, jacuzzi, free bills, free wifi, my rooms shared with my best friend Lisa, 15 minutes walk into Sydney City, my gym is just down the road, OMG its amazing! I Swear i feel so looked after its unbelievable! We have 5 girls living here at the moment and we all get along so so well, i have made the most amazing friends here in Sydney i just love it. Double Tick!!!!

I wanted to share this with you as i know so so many girls wanting to travel from overseas but just don’t know how to get in contact with anyone, this is my personal experience and I hope this has helped. So if you have a working visa and are wanting to working in Sydney the biggest city in Australia, Dollhouse is by far the best club i have ever worked in!!


pole dancing sydney

Pole Dancing Pleaser Heels Sydney

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Let me ask you a few questions before we begin!!

1) Are you considering trying out a few pole dancing classes?
2) Have you ever been to a strip club before?
3) Ever dancing in your room and tried to twerk to your favourite song in front of your mirror?
4) Do you love the idea of glitter heels?
5) Do you live for lingerie?

If you have asked yes to at least 4 of the 5 questions!!!!
Then yes!!!!!!!! Start your Pleaser Pole Dancing Heels collection ASAP and lets get ready to pole!!! dance!!!!

Apart from the exercise pole dancing is amazing, it boosts your self extreme, increases a positive open mind and keeps you looking sexy in all those little pole outfits!
So first things first, install a pole at home, either in your bedroom or in your loungeroom somewhere with some room! Poles you can find cheep on eBay!

NEXT Go onto youtube and start with beginner pole moves! Start practicing and start building your strength!

NEXT Go to a store near you as trying on your dancing heels are important! I recommend the classics to begin with, so either the paint and leather 7 inch or the chrome 7 inch or the BEST of the BEST and my first pole heels the clear see through ‘Cinderella 7 inches’ The better you get the more you can experiment with more fun heels!

‘Remember in life, we all start somewhere, beginning it is the hardest part’ Dollhouse CEO

erotic dancers

Sydney Bucks Parties

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So your Bucks party is coming up soon and you’re wanting to do something ‘out of the box’!


Nude Dancers

Naked strip shows

Naked Body Sushi

Your own private bar

Gorgeous & Attentive Waitresses

All in Sydney’s most exclusive Gentlemen’s Club!!!!!!

We’re here to cater to your every need and make your night one to remember. Let us know what your heart desires and we’ll do our best to accommodate you within reason and mindful of the state’s laws of course!





strippers in bathtub

Sydney Strip Clubs in Kings Cross

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Sydney’s favourite late night district will always be Sydney’s ultimate late night area.  Even with the lock out laws and last drinks at 3am restrictions Sydney locals will always recognise Kings Cross as the go to area for clubs, bars, strip clubs and late night eatery.

Dollhouse is open Wednesday to Sunday night from 9pm till 4am with stage shows and entertainment all night. We are a couples friendly, lesbian friendly, fun venue

strippers sydney

The Best Topless Dancers In Sydney

By | Bucks Party Sydney, Dollhouse, Dollhouse Sydney, Exotic Dancers, Gentlemen's Club Sydney, Lap Dances and Nude Dances, Lesbian Clubs Sydney, Lingerie Restaurant, Naked Body Sushi, Strip Club Sydney, Strippers Sydney, Sydney Strip Club, Sydney Strippers, Topless Bars Sydney

Don’t let your mind do the thinking let your eyes do the viewing!!!!

So come in and party with us at Dollhouse Nightspot Sydney

Dollhouse stripclub sydney offers Sydney’s biggest variety of international and local women who love you dance , chat and make your night one to remember!!

We have over 50 girls alternating weekly from Wednesday to sunday night from 9pm in the main club lounge or alternatively you can book one of our private rooms for a more intimate more exclusive experience.

Our V.I.P. rooms can hold from 5 – 90 people with a private bar, comfortable lounges and booths and stage with rotating dance pole.

So don’t be shy and come and play!!!!

XOXO Dollhouse strip club Sydney

strippers cash

Best Strip Club in Sydney hands down!!!

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Come in and see what everyone is Sydney is talking about!!!


Open wednesday to sunday weekly from 9pm till late late.

The finest girls you’ve ever seen.

4 Stages with rotating dancers all night.

Naked body sushi available.

Private exclusive parties available.

V.I.P. champagne lounge.

Dj’s every night.

Corporate events and parties.


call us for more info




lingerie waitresses at dollhouse strip club

10 reasons to become a stripper in sydney australia

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Dollhouse Diary’s Part 1 – March 2016

Honestly my feeling is that being a stripper is a solid occupation. Here is why:

1.)You get paid a lot of money, seriously, strippers make a ton of cash!!! THE END!!!!

Dollhouse Nightspot Sydney is open Wednesday to Sunday currently (soon to open 7 nights) from 9pm till 3am. So if you were to work for e.g. 6 hours/ 4 nights a week equaling 24 hours (normal work week is 40 hours) and you were a confident, good looking girl the $$$$$ are definitely looking good to buy that new BWM you always wanted!!! 😛

2.) So…… All you have to do is get naked and dance basically!
Sure you might have to do a lap dance and ‘get nude’, but its not that difficult. No one can touch you, there is security on the premisses all the time, you just have to be naked and dance, lets face it we do it in our bedrooms facing the build-in mirrors all the time for free!!!!!

3.) You get to wear reallllyyyyy sexy outfits.
THINK: Clear heels, sexy lingerie with suspenders and stocking, naughty nurse outfits, body paint! You can go Agent Provocateur crazy and you know you will like it all back in not even an hour of working!!!

4.) You always have plenty of cash money
There’s no more time for credit cards…. CASH MULLA BABY!!!!

5.) You can do a whole other full time job if you please~
Usually a night shift at Dollhouse Nightspot Sydney starts at 9pm-3/4am. Go do your day job, feel good about yourself, do something for your community, go eat some healthy sushi, hang out with your family, walk the dog and then go dance your cares anyway. But, while you’re doing it, make great money. Leave, go home and go to bed. Buy a million dollar mansion within a few years and stop stripping. You are living the dream!!!!

6.) You are FREE, you don’t have to rely on anyone for anything! This is probably the most honourable reason and the best one by far.

7.) You gain a better body image and you feel great about yourself! You are constantly encouraged to stay in shape. But you must put in work…….. Stripping promotes a healthy lifestyle, and you will feel better about yourself if you are in good shape and look good naked. GYM TIME!!!!

8.) You get to spend your days free!!! SO BEACH HERE WE COME!!!!

9.) You actually meet great friends who have similar ideas and dream like you do! and lets be honest its great to work with girls who love being girls, love getting their nails done, have similar life goals, have similar squad goals (the Kardashians) ok ok you get the picture.

10.) Stripping is something you never forget, it teaches you a lot about yourself and a lot about others, it truly opens up your eyes and teaches you to keep them open because you don’t want to miss out on opportunities in life!!! Just grab them by the horns baby!!!


But seriously do you need a job working 9-5 making $20/hour??? When you can be making $1000/ night!!!

Come into Dollhouse Nightspot and be dazzled by the world of striptease


Love your favourite Dollhouse Boss Bae

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