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By June 22, 2017Dollhouse
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“Hi There! Firstly id like to introduce myself i’m Jessie (my dancers name).

I decided to write this blog hopefully to help all girls coming from the UK or USA or anywhere over seas i guess to have a personal insight of my first hand experience on working as a stripper in Australia. I hope this helps on any decision making you may have and is informative and most of all positive.

I came to Australia just over 1 year ago from the UK (where i have been dancing for 2 years in London and before that in America) and arrived in Melbourne which in south of Sydney because that’s where i bought my ticket to (totally random), after staying in Melbourne for 2 months, working and trialing most of the clubs there which were juts not for me reason being; I was just a number, there was not personalisation, there was literally 50+ girls working a night (how can you compete with that), a lot of regular customers that all the regular girls new which made it very hard to even sit down near them, you had to pay $200+ a night out of your own pocket to work at the clubs (that’s a lot of faith put into clubs in which you don’t know if your going to make a dime from), (for anyone reading this I literally trialed every club in Melbourne and they all had similar rules), all the girls were the same, a lot of local Australian girls most of them just sitting on the couches playing on their phones, clubs were very very quiet….. list goes on. I randomly decided to skip Sydney as a dancer friend of mine told me about a club she working in previously in Queensland (OMG what a mistake).
P.s. i don’t want to mention any of the clubs as its just not necessary!

So after staying not long in Queensland i made my way to Sydney, Alone. I didn’t know anyone, i had no where to live, but of course its Sydney its been my dream destination to live for forever! As soon as i got to Sydney all everyone was talking about was Dollhouse! Dollhouse!! Dollhouse!!! I could even remember girls talking about it in Melbourne and in Queensland, but i knew it was hard to get into because all id heard about is the quality of the girls and how beautiful they were. So i emailed them and i got a response straight away to come in for an interview at the club to meet the mangers and owners which i bought was very professional! and i have to admit from that moment forward my life has been changed or everything i thought i knew about strip clubs was changed!!!

Theses are the reasons why i think Dollhouse is Australia’s best strip club… after working here 8 Months!
Dollhouse Strip club doesn’t charge a house free. Tick!!!
I’m making more money than i have ever made in my life ever as a dancer! Tick!!
The customer at Dollhouse are so nice and respectful. Tick!!
You have the same rostered shifts weekly so you know when your working and have guaranteed shifts. Tick!!
There’s a certain amount of dancers set for each night!! Tick!!
Management and club owners are just so beautiful they treat everyone like family and take such good care of us! Tick!!
AND THE MOST AMAZING PART OF IT, I live in the Dollhouse Apartment with the other girls FOR FREEEEE!!!! I get free accommodation in a brand new renovated apartment 10 seconds walk from the club, with kitchen, lounge room, outdoor terrace, jacuzzi, free bills, free wifi, my rooms shared with my best friend Lisa, 15 minutes walk into Sydney City, my gym is just down the road, OMG its amazing! I Swear i feel so looked after its unbelievable! We have 5 girls living here at the moment and we all get along so so well, i have made the most amazing friends here in Sydney i just love it. Double Tick!!!!

I wanted to share this with you as i know so so many girls wanting to travel from overseas but just don’t know how to get in contact with anyone, this is my personal experience and I hope this has helped. So if you have a working visa and are wanting to working in Sydney the biggest city in Australia, Dollhouse is by far the best club i have ever worked in!!