Dollhouse’s reputation for class & elegance is well founded.  It has been voted the best club of its kind in Australia and maintains a strict policy on safety and security for patrons, performers and employees.

Dollhouse is legally compliant with the laws of NSW and the Commonwealth of Australia. In NSW, no touching of the dancers is permitted in any venue.

Dollhouse has additional house rules and policies in place to ensure a level of sophistication is maintained for the comfort and enjoyment of our patrons and staff.

Our nightclub policies, rules, dress code and security procedures are in place to maintain the highest standards for the benefit of our patrons, performers and staff.

Because the safety of all persons within our premises is of the utmost concern,  Dollhouse has been fitted with; the latest digital ID scanning machines for clients, lockers for our dancers, professional licensed crowd controllers and secured access staff-only-areas.

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