10 reasons to become a stripper in sydney australia

lingerie waitresses at dollhouse strip club

Dollhouse Diary’s Part 1 – March 2016

Honestly my feeling is that being a stripper is a solid occupation. Here is why:

1.)You get paid a lot of money, seriously, strippers make a ton of cash!!! THE END!!!!

Dollhouse Nightspot Sydney is open Wednesday to Sunday currently (soon to open 7 nights) from 9pm till 3am. So if you were to work for e.g. 6 hours/ 4 nights a week equaling 24 hours (normal work week is 40 hours) and you were a confident, good looking girl the $$$$$ are definitely looking good to buy that new BWM you always wanted!!! 😛

2.) So…… All you have to do is get naked and dance basically!
Sure you might have to do a lap dance and ‘get nude’, but its not that difficult. No one can touch you, there is security on the premisses all the time, you just have to be naked and dance, lets face it we do it in our bedrooms facing the build-in mirrors all the time for free!!!!!

3.) You get to wear reallllyyyyy sexy outfits.
THINK: Clear heels, sexy lingerie with suspenders and stocking, naughty nurse outfits, body paint! You can go Agent Provocateur crazy and you know you will like it all back in not even an hour of working!!!

4.) You always have plenty of cash money
There’s no more time for credit cards…. CASH MULLA BABY!!!!

5.) You can do a whole other full time job if you please~
Usually a night shift at Dollhouse Nightspot Sydney starts at 9pm-3/4am. Go do your day job, feel good about yourself, do something for your community, go eat some healthy sushi, hang out with your family, walk the dog and then go dance your cares anyway. But, while you’re doing it, make great money. Leave, go home and go to bed. Buy a million dollar mansion within a few years and stop stripping. You are living the dream!!!!

6.) You are FREE, you don’t have to rely on anyone for anything! This is probably the most honourable reason and the best one by far.

7.) You gain a better body image and you feel great about yourself! You are constantly encouraged to stay in shape. But you must put in work…….. Stripping promotes a healthy lifestyle, and you will feel better about yourself if you are in good shape and look good naked. GYM TIME!!!!

8.) You get to spend your days free!!! SO BEACH HERE WE COME!!!!

9.) You actually meet great friends who have similar ideas and dream like you do! and lets be honest its great to work with girls who love being girls, love getting their nails done, have similar life goals, have similar squad goals (the Kardashians) ok ok you get the picture.

10.) Stripping is something you never forget, it teaches you a lot about yourself and a lot about others, it truly opens up your eyes and teaches you to keep them open because you don’t want to miss out on opportunities in life!!! Just grab them by the horns baby!!!


But seriously do you need a job working 9-5 making $20/hour??? When you can be making $1000/ night!!!

Come into Dollhouse Nightspot and be dazzled by the world of striptease


Love your favourite Dollhouse Boss Bae

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