pole dancing sydney

Let me ask you a few questions before we begin!!

1) Are you considering trying out a few pole dancing classes?
2) Have you ever been to a strip club before?
3) Ever dancing in your room and tried to twerk to your favourite song in front of your mirror?
4) Do you love the idea of glitter heels?
5) Do you live for lingerie?

If you have asked yes to at least 4 of the 5 questions!!!!
Then yes!!!!!!!! Start your Pleaser Pole Dancing Heels collection ASAP and lets get ready to pole!!! dance!!!!

Apart from the exercise pole dancing is amazing, it boosts your self extreme, increases a positive open mind and keeps you looking sexy in all those little pole outfits!
So first things first, install a pole at home, either in your bedroom or in your loungeroom somewhere with some room! Poles you can find cheep on eBay!

NEXT Go onto youtube and start with beginner pole moves! Start practicing and start building your strength!

NEXT Go to a store near you as trying on your dancing heels are important! I recommend the classics to begin with, so either the paint and leather 7 inch or the chrome 7 inch or the BEST of the BEST and my first pole heels the clear see through ‘Cinderella 7 inches’ The better you get the more you can experiment with more fun heels!

‘Remember in life, we all start somewhere, beginning it is the hardest part’ Dollhouse CEO